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Protecting High-Value Elms

When to Use Macro-Infusion for Dutch Elm Prevention

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  • Macro-infusion can be done after the leaves are fully formed on the tree up until the tree begins to show fall coloration.
  • Treatment must be done into the root flares to get even coverage. Do not infuse into the trunk tissue: doing so results in poor distribution of the treatment and incomplete coverage of the protection.

The Purpose Of Macro-Infusion

The purpose of macro-infusion is the complete and even coverage of two to four-year-old branches so that if a beetle comes to feed, the disease cannot enter the tree. Infusing into the root flares is critical to the success for even and complete distribution.

The tissue in the root flares allows for lateral movement of the chemical as it is infused. Trunk tissue, on the other hand, is hard and rigid. It is highly compartmentalized. Infusion into trunk tissue provides very limited lateral movement of the Arbotect solution and will result in small portions of the crown receiving a large dose of Arbotect with other areas receiving none.

Macro-Infustion Videos

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