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Macro-Infusion Videos & How To

HPIM0188Macro-infusion rapidly introduces a large volume of solution directly into a tree’s vascular system. Macro-infusion delivers complete and even distribution of solution throughout the tree’s canopy, which provides for predictable results. By following these step-by-step instructions, you can protect valuable elm trees from Dutch elm disease.

Be certain to read ALL the instructions covered in the application guide.

Refer to the appropriate product guide and product label for dosage and mixing instructions.

Download the Macro-Infusion Application Guide Here


Setting up the macro-infusion kit:

Watch this video for help setting up the macro-infusion kit, including the harness tubing, tees, and supply tubing.

Macro-Infusion Step 1: Inspecting the Tree

Macro-Infusion Step 2: Dosage

Macro-Infusion Step 3: Evacation

Macro-Infusion Step 4: Drilling

Macro-Infusion Step 5: Tees and Harness

Macro-Infusion Step 6: Starting the Infusion

Macro-Infusion Step 7: Mixing

Macro-Infusion Step 8: During the Infusion